Congrats to all the winners in the Club Championship this year. It was a great weekend to showcase all the hard work the staff has put in to get Island View in the great shape that we expect. A huge thank you to them for knocking it out of the park this season. I can’t say enough about their effort and dedication to keeping focus and getting things done.

With Club Championship behind us, school starting, and the weather cooling off activity on the course definitely starts to fall off a bit. That doesn’t mean our activity lessens however, because there are many things on the docket to keep us very busy. Aerifying of the golf course starts right after Labor Day, starting with the greens, then tees, and finally fairways. We also plan to alleviate some of the compaction in high traffic areas around the golf course while tackling fairways.

Along with aerifying, we have drainage work we want to get done which was delayed due to the rains prior to club championship and course prep leading up to the tournament. Whether it is locating and repairing compromised tile or trenching in new drain lines, we have work to do on holes 6, 14, & 17 for sure, along with some other nuisance spots here and there. And of course we have tree trimming to get done. Most of the oak trees need attention due to the fact we couldn’t get around to them last winter because of the ice layer on everything. It made using the lift too dangerous, so our plan is to start trimming them as soon as it is safe to do so and before any winter weather that could prevent us again. We also have a few dead trees that need to be removed, some evergreens that have slowly been dying off all summer and the dead cottonwood on hole 9.

As always there are numerous other things throughout the golf course to do also, so we definitely have plenty to do this fall. And I haven’t even mentioned leaf patrol, the maples are all ready starting to turn so it’s time to make sure the blowers are prepped and the mulching blades are on the rough units.

Fall weather is great for being outside and enjoying the last few days before the winter weather settles in. I hope you all have a chance to get a bunch of golf in and enjoy it.

See you on the course,


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