It’s that time of year all ready, wow. To think, it was only a few months ago we were growing in so much new turf across the golf course due to severe winter kill. And what a great job my staff did, kudos to them for excellent work getting the course back to the level we all expect it to be. But, as I said, it is that time of year… Aerifying is under way and so far so good.

Aerifying putting greens 2019

Aerifying Greens 2019

The greens have been completed, except the lower putting green and nursery green. The weather was excellent for drying and letting us get the job done. Over the next couple of days we will be patching the lower putting green bare spots with nursery turf and then aerifying both greens to complete the greens aerifying for 2019.

Picking up cores after aerifying the putting green

Core Harvesting Putting Green

Early next week we will be aerifying tees and then starting on fairways. Tees take a couple of days, we complete 9 holes each day and for the most part it does not affect play much. Fairways take a couple of weeks to get through, and since we use solid tines and not pull out a core the disruption to play is very minimal. If your out playing and you see the aerifier in your fairway, please be patient as it can not move very fast and takes a bit to get out of your way.

Dragging sand on putting green during aerifying process.

Dragging Sand on Putting Green

Other things we are working on over the next couple of months will be dead tree removal (we have a few on the course) and drainage work. We all ready started installing some drain tile but there are definitely more areas on the course that would greatly benefit from some added drainage.

Hope to see you on the course,


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